Fred Ricart and his brother Rett took over the Ricart dealership in 1982. Since then, the Ricarts have acquired nine dealerships in the Columbus area...More

Ricart Automotive Group is expanding its financial services arm so it can offer subprime lending services to other auto dealerships for their credit-poor customers...More

Ricart takes on Mitsubishi brands

California-based Mitsubishi Motor Sales of America is targeting Columbus consumers in
an ad campaign designed to increase awareness of the Mitsubishi brand...More

Ricart gets #2 in The 12th annual Ward's Dealer Business 500...More

Near dealer Fred Ricart's modern office is his own recording studio
in which he regularly makes his own commercials...More

Ricart, who has spent the last 25 years luring Central Ohio drivers to his car dealerships...More

Fred Ricart and his brother, Rhett, are diversifying the Ricart Automotive base,
branching into automobile financing, insurance sales, cellular telephone sales and service, arid recreational vehicle sales...More

First Mobile Service Offered by Ricart Ford. Service right at your house...More

Ricarts dealin' for diversification...More

Columbus Mayor Greg Lashutka and
car dealer Fred Ricart are two of central
Ohio's most recognizable faces...More

The "system" that's put Ricart Ford on top of the Ward's Dealer Business 500 again could become a national brand...More

Ricart, the auto merchant, thinks it can make a go of selling airplanes as part of its retail transport empire...More

Ricart Ford has become the Ford Contingency Program sponsor in the
American Speed Association's ACDelco Series of stock-car races this season...More

Rhett Ricart, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ricart Automotive, today was named a recipient of the 2000 TIME Magazine Quality Dealer Award (TMQDA)...More

The Ricart brothers' purchase of car dealerships from the Nourse family puts them in a position to accomplish what one Big Three automaker couldn't do: Operate a regional and consolidated network of Ford Motor Co. showrooms...More

Guitar-strumming automobile dealer Fred Ricart may need to learn to cover Bob Seger's "Like a Rock" tune if his latest deal goes through...More

SELLING AUTOMOBILES HAS BECOME MORE sophisticated at Ricart Automotive Group in recent years...More

A Pittsburgh accounting firm that established a Central Ohio beachhead 16 years ago to service its account with Ricart Automotive Group is getting bigger in the region...More

Ricart Automotive Group has paid $40,000 to become a dealer for China Car Distributors Inc. of Scottsdale, Ariz., which plans to provide U.S. dealerships with a sedan and sport utility vehicle from two Chinese producers, Business First has learned...More

Bashing the car dealers' TV ads is fun. And easy, too, because there's so much raw material. There's Fred Ricart and his guitar...More

Ricart donates police car for drunk and driving program...More

Rhett Ricart, chief executive officer of Ricart Automotive in Groveport, Ohio, said he
thinks dealers can learn from CarMax and others...More

Fred Ricart, who with brother Rhett Ricart own the local Ricart dealerships, appears unruffled by the campaign and competition. "Whenever there's competition between two large dealerships, it is healthy," said Ricart. "There's no animosity because we're so far apart. If they can use us to sell more cars, it doesn't bother me." Ricart noted, however,.More

Ricart Ford (No.1) prides itself in leaving no stone unturned to increase sales volume. "We constantly explore new ways to grow our sales and profits," declares co-owner... Fred Ricart...More

"The best place for a dealership is on a main road where cars can turn on and off," Fred Ricart said. "It's a journey just to get back in there."...More

Loyalty keeps Ricart atop Wardís Dealer Business 500...More

Ricart will likely keep up its advertising campaign as the largest Ford dealership in the

In the retail automobile business, one duo has perfected the formula for 24 Automobile Dealer Magazine july/August 1997 combining the art of the deal with the science of winning ... Fred and Rhett Ricart of #1 Ricart Automotive...More

Rhett Ricart, Ricart Ford in Columbus, says the Roush-Modified F150's and Mustangs tie in with his interests in racing...More

No. 1, Ricart Ford of Columbus, OH, brought in a total of $382.1 mill in 1998...More

The No. 1 dealer on the Ward's Dealer Business Top 500 for 1998 - Ricart Ford of Columbus, OH
- opened separate buildings for Ford trucks at his Ford and import complex...More

Ricart Ford's return to the top of the 500 is evidence of the importance of the used-vehicle department, F&I and the back shop...More

Ricart tries to promote its community presence.
That means reaching customers on a personal level. Mr. Ricart's business philosophy links
community involvement directly to sales...More

"The more time I spend in my used-car department, the better they seem to get." Ricart Ford has doubled the amount of customer follow up and enhanced its customer lounge...More

Melanie Alves hadn't planned to buy her first new car this week. But motivated by no-interest financing and a desire to do her part for a faltering economy, Alves went to Ricart Automotive's Ford dealership Tuesday to test-drive a new Mustang convertible...More

Ricart Automotive, already one of the largest dealers in the nation with its ubiquitous "we're dealin'" ads, is expanding...More

Ricart auto groups make trade mag's top 100 list...More

Vehicle sales people at Ricart Automotive Group are doing more than just working the
showroom floor these days...More

Rhett Ricart, a co-owner of Ricart Automotive Group in Columbus, said rising gas prices discouraged some buyers last year, but others were undeterred...More

Efforts designed to get you into that new or used car, and keep you coming back years after the initial sale. "A little bit like when you go to Disney: You get a little bit of everything," said Rhett Ricart, president of Ricart Automotive Group...More

Dec. 27--With auto dealers cutting prices to clear inventory and businesses making year-end purchases, this week is one of the busiest for car sales, such as Ricart...More

Dealin' on the 'ceilin' may have some viewers
climbing the walls, but it's music to Fred Ricart's ears...More

You've seen the television advertisements with guitartoting Fred Ricart singing songs; his wife, Lynne, addressing viewers; and characters dancing on the deck of the Santa Maria. Zany as they appear, the ads belie a serious-minded business at Ricart Automotive Inc. - The country's topselling ford ldealership and arguably the top-selling multiline dealership in the
United States...More

Fred Ricart approaches life with energy and a song...More

Ricart Named 1993 Ohio Business Person of The Year...More

BEST Car Dealer - Ricart Ford also winner of BEST TV commercial and the Probe received top honors for the BEST car of the...More

Taking care of a family business is like taking care of a small child. Like a child, the business demands the time and energy of family members whose sole purpose is to nurture and care for it. When it is sick, family members think nothing of staying up all night, working around the clock to restore it back to health...More

The 1994 Auto Age All-Stars...More

It's hard to escape the battle of the Ford dealers. Their booming advertisements scream out at you from radio, television and newspaper advertising throughout Northeast Ohio, staking their claim at being No. 1 -- in one thing or another. Columbus' Ricart Ford is not only the largest volume Ford dealer in Ohio, it is the top dealership franchise in the nation...More

The Ricart-Galpin rivalry rages on; one tops in trucks, other in used units...More

When the invites to an open house at the Ricart Automotive Group's new corporate
offices this month, little did visitors know the greeting would begin well before their cars turned off Route 33...More

Rhett Ricart of Ricart Automotive was named a recipient of the 2000 Time Magazine Quality Dealer Award...More

"The Internet is a Trojan horse as far as I'm concerned," - Fred Ricart ...More

Ricart Automotive Inc. is buying the Nourse Ford Lincoln Mercury dealerships in Delaware and Chillicothe as part of a strategy to develop a "regional" concept to car sales...More

Family business Awards The Ricart family got into the automotive sales business in 1953...More

You're a big dealer with a lot of inventory. A hailstorm rips through town and damages 5,000 of your vehicles. What do you do? Ricart Automotive in Columbus, OH called in St. Louis-based Dent Wizard...More

O'Connor made the comments yesterday after a ceremony at the Ricart Mega Mall in Groveport to honor Ricart Ford's 50th anniversary.

Vehicles sold at Ricart Automotive Groupís 11 new-car franchises will include four-year, 100,000-mile warranties that can be transferred to new owners...More

South of Columbus, Ricart Automotive Group is preparing to make what its CEO calls a "pre-emptive" strike...More

When Matt Lambert finished a four-year stint as a firefighter for the U.S. Navy, he
returned to central Ohio looking for a career. He found one as an auto technician at Ricart Automotive...More

When Fred and Lynne Ricart purchased their 97-acre weekend property outside
Columbus, Fred never dreamed he would be building a log cabin...More



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